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Earthsong Professional Massage Centre is located in West Central Edmonton, just east of Westmount Shopping Centre, near Groat Road, in Inglewood. It is situated by a lovely treed park, with free street parking.

With over 28 years of professional massage experience, I offer therapeutic, relaxation, and deep tissue massage, along with several other forms of bodywork, for a more complete approach to your health needs. 

Email:  info@earthsongmassage.com

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Massage Therapy and Other Modalities

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Therapeutic Massage

Clients who seek out massage often have a variety of muscular aches and pains. Therapeutic work will restore range of motion and release the "knots" or trigger points from muscle spasms, tightness or injuries. Most massage sessions tend to be a mixture of deeper work and relaxation


Soft Tissue Release

Soft Tissue Release is an active form of working the muscle tissue. Areas that have chronic tension, scar tissue or habitual postural difficulties will benefit from this deep release.

laser therapy

Low Intensity Laser Therapy

Low Intensity Laser Therapy is healing with light. Not just any kind of light, but very specific red and infrared frequencies that 20 or more years of clinical studies have shown interact positively with the body's cells.

cupping massage

Cupping Massage

Cupping uses suction cups, which places a stretch, or "negative pressure", on muscle tissue. This helps to break down adhesions, similar to deep tissue work. It is incredibly effective.

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Stamina® Orthopedic Massage

Stamina® Massage involves realigning the body by testing and treating specific muscles to improve your range of motion, strength and stability. Clients dealing with repetitive strain, muscle tension, and misalignment from improper posture will benefit

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Egyptian reflexology is a very soothing method of working with the feet and hands, by treating specific reflex areas which relate to the organs and systems of the whole body. As reflex points and nerve endings are stimulated, stress and pain may be relieved, circulation improved, body and organ functions restored.

reiki craniosacral-therapy


CranioSacral Therapy is gentle and non-invasive (clients remain fully clothed). It relieves such conditions as headaches, back and neck pain, various injuries or traumas. Through a light touch, the body is assisted to release stress-related restrictions. 



Reiki helps to rebalance the body’s energy, through the application of specific hand positions. The client often reaches a deep state of relaxation, stress reduction and pain relief.

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